Associate Director

Anne works closely with Human Resource and Operations Managers of medium to large private and State-owned corporations, not for profits and local government.
Having practiced in workers compensation for many years, Anne has a unique insight into managing the cross-over between workers compensation and HR in managing claims and fitness for work issues. This includes dealing with stress claims, bullying complaints and discrimination claims arising out of performance and disciplinary processes.
Anne regularly assists clients to achieve flexibility and compliance in engaging employees and independent contractors.
Anne’s experience includes:
  • Leading a large-scale project for a local government industry providing a suite of employment contracts and policies and procedures to create an industry wide standard. Assisting with union consultation and implementation on a council by council basis
  • Successfully negotiating with the Victorian State Revenue Office regarding pay roll tax claims arising out of multiple contentious interpretations involving a client in the radio voice over industry
  • Assisting a publicly listed company in the aquaculture industry to implement a Fitness for Work Management system to improve managing workers compensation claims and non-work related injuries
  • Successfully obtaining a ruling from a State Anti-Discrimination Tribunal that a Passenger Ferry’s practices were not discriminatory
  • Assisting a mining company during a transmission of business to ensure compliance with complicated employee entitlement scenarios
  • Advising a large company regarding the validity of Odco contracting arrangements and contractor entitlements


Anne McCulloch
Anne is regularly asked to deliver training packages and presentations to special interest groups and clients especially in the areas of How to be a Contact Officer, Appropriate Workplace Behaviour and Managing Injured Employees.

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