We integrate with your team to show Managers how to manage people by building effective Relationships. This creates trust and Respect so you can have effective crucial conversations. Only then will you achieve Results or respectfully remove employees – with no surprises or fear of claims.

Traditional Lawyers

  • Technically correct, costly risk averse advice
  • Price uncertainty – hourly rates which rewards time spent getting it 100% right
  • Success is winning cases regardless of costs or impact on the business
  • Charge you for their lawyers to learn on your time and then guard those learnings so you keep paying for them
  • Approach people issues with formal processes that are ineffective but thought to be legally necessary
  • No AdvantEdge – provide specific advice as and when it’s requested

Edge Legal

  • Working out what you really need and the best approach to executing
  • Price certainty – fixed pricing which rewards getting it 100% done
  • Success is effectively managing issues to avoid court cases
  • Integrate our specialist know-how into your team through our Training and Help-Desk Services so learnings are shared
  • Approach people issues with simple processes that are commercially and legally effective
  • Your AdvantEdge – determine the value we can bring ‘to the table’ and demonstrate our ownership for the outcome

Work With Us

Contact us confidentially to see if we may be a good fit for each other