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We are Employment & Safety law specialists helping organisations deliver a ‘results with respect’ approach to their workplaces – not driven by process or fear of claims.

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We show you how to manage people by building effective Relationships. This creates trust and Respect so you can have effective crucial conversations. Only then will you achieve Results to retain talent or respectfully remove employees – not driven by process or fear of claims.

We value Self-Awareness, Being Helpful and to Own It in working with each other and our clients

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Explore our archive of "Tips & Trends" that provide actionable steps and real-world commentary on a series of topical issues in the world of employment and safety law.


Is refusing to be vaccinated under a Public Health Direction a ground for dismissal?

Yes –but dismissal must not be harsh, unjust or unreasonable. ...


Identity of the Complainant: How much detail does the Respondent employee need?

Simply put, the Respondent employee will generally need to know the identity of a Complainant in order to adequately res...


Should I keep my employee's IHI number?

Knowing an employee’s vaccination status has been an important tool in managing the risks of COVID-19 in the workplace. ...


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