About People Management

We believe in creating respectful and safe workplaces. Our approach is to show managers how to build effective Relationships which enables mutual Respect. From Respect comes Results which is retention or removal not driven by process or fear of claims.


This is why our approach is to frame most issues as performance concerns and avoid Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) and disciplinary processes. We use a ‘crucial conversations’ framework supported by emails.

This enables real conversations that are often avoided because they are uncomfortable instead of formal processes that don’t work. This is far more effective especially for ending employment by self-selection and agreement rather than forced termination leading to claims.


We deal with complaints and misconduct by focusing on resolution at the lowest possible level. We show our clients how to deal with bullying and sexual harassment complaints efficiently and get better results and avoid unnecessary harm to those involved. This means knowing how to use other options so formal investigations and mediation are an option of last resort and not the ‘go to’ response.

Sometimes a workplace investigation is unavoidable in which case we help clients to do them or we conduct them. This includes independent workplace assessments and preliminary inquiries through to full investigations. Our emphasis is on:

  • getting the ‘scope’ right up front - so the investigation is no bigger than it needs to be and does what it needs to do

  • findings that stick and useful conclusions – so the Report holds up to scrutiny and is actually helpful to then enable our clients to ultimately resolve the conflict.

We mostly do investigations now using Teams/Zoom. This keeps costs down and reduces turnaround time without sacrificing quality. Post-COVID, cases are often conducted this way making findings from disputed evidence and providing the parties with a fair hearing and the appearance of such. This is no different to the requirements of a workplace investigation.

Fitness for work

We adopt a proactive approach to fitness for work (capacity) issues with an increasing emphasis on understanding mental health issues. This includes how to balance the need for performance with compassion and implement various fitness for work process up to a return to work or ending employment.

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