About Risk and Compliance

We keep organisations legally compliant by providing user friendly documents reviewed annually to ensure continuance compliance as well as best practice.

We understand the difference between ‘black and white’ (where you must comply no matter what) and ‘shades of grey’ (where you must make decisions in an uncertain operational and legal environment). We advise our clients with a risk management approach in the following areas:

Workforce Arrangements

  • Contracts of Employment and Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Workplace Behaviour Policies and Procedures

  • Employee entitlements, flexible work arrangements, and employer obligations

  • Dealing with regulators and external bodies including WorkSafe, Fair Work Ombudsman, Anti-Discrimination and Privacy Commissioners

Enterprise Agreements

  • All aspects of preparing, bargaining (including in-house secondments) and making agreements. We continuously deal with all aspects of making agreements whether its strategy ‘in the boardroom’, negotiating ‘behind the table’ or ‘at the table’, dealing with industrial action, or at the Fair Work Commission where you need to be up to date with the latest approach formally and informally.

  • We integrate as part our clients’ teams or take the lead if required to deal with Enterprise Agreements as small projects to manage on a tight budget through to high-stakes, unionised work environments.


  • Safety audits and due diligence and other safety projects

  • Safety investigations and dealing with safety regulators

Change Management

  • Restructuring, redeployment and redundancy

  • Transfer of business

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