12 June 2023

Wages Increase - FWC Awards 5.57 percent

Both employers and employees may not be entirely happy with the decision – neither got what they wanted - but it is like...


29 May 2023

Should Employer's really be fearing being 'roped in' to a multi-employer Enterprise Agreement in the new system?

It depends on who you ask. Most Employer groups have cautioned that the Secure Jobs Act's single-interest bargaining pr...


15 May 2023

Should managing performance be stressful?

In rejecting an employee’s claim for psychological injury from a reasonable performance assessment process, a recent Adm...


01 May 2023

Untrained Managers could be the reason you have a recruitment and retention problem

Employers know the high costs of recruitment and retention. “Quiet quitting” and the “War for Talent” remain consistent...


24 April 2023

Don't Sleep on Zombie Agreements

Employers currently covered by a pre-2010 workplace agreement (Zombie Agreement) are required to notify their employees ...


20 April 2023

Sexual Harassment Update and Video Tool

Just like the more general obligation to take positive steps to address psychosocial risks a number of jurisdictions hav...


14 April 2023

Psychosocial Safety Update and Tools to Meet the Employer's Duties

Australia is once again very close to achieving ‘enhanced’ obligations to tackle psychosocial safety with specific regul...


31 March 2023

Whistleblower Compliance

Recent action by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has made it clear that it is serious about ...


06 March 2023

Mandatory publication of your business' gender pay gap information

Hot on the heels of the recent changes to Australia’s pay secrecy laws, employers with 100 or more employees may soon be...

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