25 February 2022

Can Employers require anti-COVID vaccinations?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is not what most employers had hoped for and is still a little unclear....


03 February 2022

Identity of the Complainant: How much detail does the Respondent employee need?

Simply put, the Respondent employee will generally need to know the identity of a Complainant in order to adequately res...


31 January 2022

Should I keep my employee's IHI number?

Knowing an employee’s vaccination status has been an important tool in managing the risks of COVID-19 in the workplace. ...


21 January 2022

Is refusing to be vaccinated under a Public Health Direction a ground for dismissal?

Yes –but dismissal must not be harsh, unjust or unreasonable. ...


10 December 2021

Christmas and COVID: Can workplace celebrations still go ahead?

The short answer: yes –but it might look a bit different....


02 December 2021

Termination of Employment for Non-Compliance with Public Health Directions and Employer COVID Vaccination Policy

We previously discussed how to deal with early-stage non-compliance with Public Health Directions/ Orders or an Employer...


10 November 2021

Horticulture Award -Is this the end for piecework?

Employers in the Horticulture Industry have been scathing in their opposition to a recent FWC Full Bench decision which ...


25 October 2021

Mandatory COVID Vaccinations -Closer to reality but still unsettled?

There has been a significant amount of recent activity regarding the compulsory vaccination debate and unfortunately the...


22 October 2021

Long Service Leave (Victoria)-Clarity provided regarding the calculation of overseas and interstate service

The recent Victoria Court of Appeal decision ofInfosys Technologies Limited v State of Victoria[2021] VSCA 219 has helpf...

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