14 February 2023

Are employer created COVID-19 vaccine requirements still enforceable at your workplace?

The short answer is yes. The NSW Industrial Relations Commission recently confirmed that it’s up to Employers to determ...


16 December 2022

COVID-19 Safety: What should workplaces be doing now?

In the wake of the 14 October 2022 scrapping of the mandatory COVID-19 isolation periods, employers and employees alike ...


17 August 2022

How is your workplace managing current WFH and IT related risks?

During the initial stages of COVID-19, employers struggled with the new territory of an enforced WFH workforce and an in...


06 April 2022

WHS duties the same even with COVID-19 restrictions easing

A lack of public health orders is not an excuse for employers to drop the ball on keeping workplaces COVID-safe – that’s...


18 March 2022

No Silver Bullet for Combating COVID-19 Workplace Risks

While Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) are likely to be essential in limiting workplace exposure to COVID-19, they are only on...


25 February 2022

Can Employers require anti-COVID vaccinations?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is not what most employers had hoped for and is still a little unclear....


21 February 2022

Can I require particular evidence of my employee's vaccination status?

Most likely yes, if you have an objective reason for requesting the evidence....


15 February 2022

Can I refuse a working from home request?

Most likely yes, so long as the refusal is based on valid business grounds. For workplaces that operate largely in an o...


07 February 2022

Court Support for Employers Enforcing Vaccine Mandates

In late 2021, many Public Health Directions requiring vaccination for certain workers and industries came into effect. I...


19 January 2022

Can I provide extra pandemic leave to vaccinated employees?

Most likely, yes. While traditional Personal / Carer’s Leave is available to employees who have tested positive to COVI...


17 January 2022

Reasonable requirements of employees prior to their return to work?

Employers are expected to be increasingly vigilant in managing COVID related risks in the workplace particularly when ma...


13 January 2022

Are Rapid Antigen Tests 'good' evidence of incapacity or illness?

Most likely “Yes”. COVID-19 testing generally provides employer with the most valuable information in assisting employe...


12 January 2022

What do we do when an employee won't comply with customer vaccination requirements for site entry?

We have previously discussed ways in which employers can navigate the emerging area of Public Health Directions / Orders...


23 December 2021

Close and Casual Contacts - Rules

The borders have now fully opened up and we are now in a new stage of dealing with COVID –unfortunately just in time for...


13 December 2021

Has the BHP decision regarding mandatory COVID Vaccinations provided clarity?

FWC Full Bench Speaks A 5 member FWC Full Bench on Friday 3 December 2021 handed down its eagerly anticipated decision ...


10 December 2021

Christmas and COVID: Can workplace celebrations still go ahead?

The short answer: yes –but it might look a bit different....


19 November 2021

Compliance Update for Employer's Mandatory Vaccination Policy

The activity around COVID-19 vaccinations has not abated. The trend (at this stage) is indicating an increasing number o...


18 November 2021

Compliance Update for Public Health Direction - TAS

Tasmanian businesses are currently dealing with a Public Health Direction compliance deadline of 21 November 2021....


10 November 2021

COVID Response - TAS Public Health Direction - Mandatory Vaccination of Certain Workers No.8

The Tasmanian Public Health Direction of 3 November 2021 (Direction) updated the earlier direction, which provided for m...


05 November 2021

Mandatory COVID Vaccinations - Pathway to Progression

There continues to be a flurry of activity around COVID-19 vaccinations. The trend appears to focus on businesses creati...


05 May 2021

Has the recent FWC decision regarding flu vaccinations just changed the position regarding COVID vaccinations?

The short answer is still “no”....

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