06 May 2022

Termination of Employment : A reminder on procedural fairness

The procedural steps taken during the termination process are crucial. In a recent FWC decision Mr Simon Ronchi v Johns...


14 April 2022

Employee benefits may drive earnings over High Income Threshold

The High Income Threshold (HIT), adjusted each financial year, currently sits at $158,500....


24 February 2022

Contract is King but the Practical Reality Still Matters in Worker Classification

Some commentators are claiming that the High Court’s recent decisions relating to worker classification have placed prim...


10 November 2021

Horticulture Award - Is this the end for piecework?

Employers in the Horticulture Industry have been scathing in their opposition to a recent FWC Full Bench decision which ...


12 August 2021

Casual clarity... finally!

The High Court has given an anti-climactic endorsement of the Federal Government’s ‘fixing’ of the casual definition iss...

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