20 April 2023

Sexual Harassment Update and Video Tool

Just like the more general obligation to take positive steps to address psychosocial risks a number of jurisdictions hav...


12 August 2022

Employers encouraged to keep a focus on Sexual Harassment, Gendered Violence and Sex Based Harassment

Many employers will notice an increase in Safety Regulators focusing their WHS campaigns on Sexual Harassment, Gendered ...


28 June 2022

The High Court confirms employer's positive duty to keep employees safe from work-related psychiatric injuries

The High Court recently handed down its decision in Kozarov v Victoria [2022] HCA 12, in which it made clear that employ...


21 June 2022

Damages increasing for established sexual harassment claims

The damages awarded to applicant’s who successfully establish sexual harassment in the workplace are substantial, and ra...


20 June 2022

Mining company urged to properly investigate sexual harassment

Mining giant, Rio Tinto, has been urged by FWC to conduct a ‘proper’ investigation into what appeared to FWC to be the s...


10 June 2022

Stop Sexual Harassment Orders - FWC provides some clarity

As we have discussed in previous Edge updates, sexual harassment claims are becoming increasingly common in workplaces a...

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