14 April 2023

Psychosocial Safety Update and Tools to Meet the Employer's Duties

Australia is once again very close to achieving ‘enhanced’ obligations to tackle psychosocial safety with specific regul...


16 December 2022

COVID-19 Safety: What should workplaces be doing now?

In the wake of the 14 October 2022 scrapping of the mandatory COVID-19 isolation periods, employers and employees alike ...


09 December 2022

Can an Employer be responsible for an Employees psychological injuries suffered in an out of hours assault by a client?

Yes. In Bell v Nexus Primary Health, the Employer was held liable for its Employee’s sustained psychological injury an...


02 December 2022

Working from Heights - Safety Message not getting through to PCBU s

In a recent ruling, the NSW District Court has regretfully made comment that it seems the general deterrence message of ...


23 September 2022

Is an employee's failure to comply with an employee's mandatory PPE policy ground for dismissal?

Yes, but only if the dismissal is not harsh, unjust or unreasonable....


15 September 2022

What happens if employees are unwilling to take sick leave

Employers and employees both have Work Health and Safety (WHS) obligations which include preventing sick individuals (in...


02 September 2022

Safe Work Australia's model WHS Code of Practice released: Managing psychosocial hazards at work

In line with the rapid growth in awareness (and claims) relating to psychosocial health at work, Safe Work Australia ha...


12 August 2022

Employers encouraged to keep a focus on Sexual Harassment, Gendered Violence and Sex Based Harassment

Many employers will notice an increase in Safety Regulators focusing their WHS campaigns on Sexual Harassment, Gendered ...


28 June 2022

The High Court confirms employer's positive duty to keep employees safe from work-related psychiatric injuries

The High Court recently handed down its decision in Kozarov v Victoria [2022] HCA 12, in which it made clear that employ...


03 June 2022

Jail term (suspended) for disregarding WHS risk

In a recent Work Health and Safety (WHS) prosecution, a director (of Illawarra Enterprises (QLD) Pty Ltd) was sentenced ...


31 May 2022

Labor promises improved WHS laws

Following on from our earlier article on the Labor government’s IR agenda – the party have also, at their most recent Na...


06 April 2022

WHS duties the same even with COVID-19 restrictions easing

A lack of public health orders is not an excuse for employers to drop the ball on keeping workplaces COVID-safe – that’s...


10 March 2022

Employer liability travels with employees

A South Australian tribunal decision provides a caution to employers who provide non-work related benefits to their empl...


11 June 2021

First Managing Psychosocial Hazards at Work Code of Conduct Introduced

As of 28 May 2021, New South Wales became the first jurisdiction in Australia to introduce the Code of Practice: Managin...


17 May 2021

Don't want to be personally liable for WHS breaches? How is your due diligence going?

The following headlines arising out of 3 recent WHS prosecutions should worry any ‘officer’...


05 May 2021

Has the recent FWC decision regarding flu vaccinations just changed the position regarding COVID vaccinations?

The short answer is still “no”....

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