Wages Increase - FWC Awards 5.57 percent

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12 June 2023

Both employers and employees may not be entirely happy with the decision – neither got what they wanted - but it is likely that FWC will consider they reached an appropriate ‘middle ground’ in increasing the minimum wages in all modern awards by 5.75% from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2023.

The National Minimum Wage has also been increased from $21.38 per hour to $23.23 [$882.80 per week] (*albeit the linkage is now against the C13 wage level not C14 as previous).

Action List

  1. Update your payroll systems in readiness;

  2. Overaward payments can continue to be absorbed;

  3. Review your annualised salaries or ‘flat rates’ of pay to ensure that these payments will still satisfy the increases; and

  4. If paying under an EA make sure that the EA rate of pay is no lower than the increased relevant modern award base rate of pay.

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